Concert is coming!

Hello 6P!

In between smoke, hailstorms and pandemics, would you believe it's already time to start preparing for concert!?

As noted in the last Studio News, our concert is planned to go ahead on Sunday 8 November at Canberra College Performing Arts Centre. As with everything we do, we welcome everyBODY to participate - all levels and experience!

The theme for this year's concert is


Please read the below information carefully to find out how you can get in on the concert action.

Important Dates

All performers must be available on the following dates:

Sunday, 1 November: All day (studio dress rehearsal)

Sunday, 8 November: All day (tech / dress rehearsal and performance).


Deadlines and Fees

All performers who wish to participate in our End of Year Concert must confirm their participation by emailing by no later than Sunday, 6 September, and confirm which performance pieces you are partaking.

A performance fee of $50 is payable by all performers. This helps us cover all performance costs, including paying our well-deserving teachers for their time spent in additional rehearsals.



It is important that performers attend class throughout August to September. Most performance pieces will be taught in-class, as a part of our normal classes, with some commencing as early as next week, followed by out-of-class rehearsals in the lead up to the concert. In-class learning will take place for four to five weeks.

You are still welcome to join in-class rehearsals if you do not wish to be part of concert. Out-of-class learning will be used to finalise the pieces.

Out-of-class rehearsals will be arranged at the discretion of the teacher in charge; whilst we endeavour to make out-of-class rehearsals as convenient as possible, we do ask for your flexibility and understanding in making time to attend out-of-class rehearsals.

Below is the current rehearsal schedule for our End of Year Concert, and their commencement dates. Please note, there will be no performance piece associated with our beginner/elementary Saturday class, however there are performance pieces being taught in the Tuesday elementary ballet and Wednesday beginner ballet classes.

Class Start date
Beginner ballet Wednesday 5 August
Beg/Elem contemporary/lyrical Thursday 6 August
Elementary ballet Tuesday 18 August
Int/Adv contemporary/lyrical Tuesday 1 September
Int/adv Jazz Monday 31 August
Tap (open) Saturday 29 August
Beg/elem Jazz Sunday 20 September
Int/Adv ballet TBC
Pre/Pointe TBC


Please note, it is the responsibility of the student to ensure attendance during rehearsals, regardless of whether they are in-class or out-of-class rehearsals. Where you are unable to attend rehearsal, it is your responsibility to catch up on what you have missed with your performance group (not the teacher). While working towards this concert, your performance group becomes your team! Every performer has paid for this performance opportunity - you owe it to yourselves to makes the most of it.


What's next?

  1. Confirm your concert participation and which performance pieces by emailing Grace at, by no later than Sunday, 8 September.
  2. Make sure you attend class for in-class rehearsals (and where you are unable to be in class, be sure to make up what you missed with your group)!
  3. Learn your performance pieces - you want to know them by heart, inside out and back to front by around mid-October, at the latest, but the earlier the better!

Happy dancing!

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