Class Descriptions

We know different adults have different preferences and that's why 6th Position offers a range of classes in different dance styles throughout the week.

Please see our sign up page for all class times.

Dance Foundations

A class specifically designed for adults with little to no prior dance experience. Dance Foundations is a classically based class that teaches basic positions and steps. The positions and steps taught are the 'foundations' for building on more complex movements in ballet, jazz and contemporary. Expect to gain more confidence with your dance movement.

We have recently extended the course to run in eight week blocks. Although you are welcome to join at any time, we recommend completing the full eight weeks.

The next course commences Sunday 1st May


A timeless, internationally loved and globally influential art form. While we can't promise to turn you into the next star of the Australian Ballet, we can promise you will walk away with improved posture, strength and stamina.

Limited Royal Academy of Dance syllabus classes are available at 6th Position on an enrolment basis (i.e. tuition fees are paid up front at the beginning of each term) providing you with opportunities for measurable progress. Please email for more information.

Pointe / Pre-Pointe Strength & Technique

Pointe and Pre-Pointe Strength & Technique is available on an enrolment basis only and participation is subject to a successful assessment.

Please see our Pointe / Pre-Pointe Policy for more information.


Contemporary dance was born in the mid 20th Century, breaking free from the strict structure of classical ballet. Expect to find new ways to move your body and different ways to express yourself through dance.

Hip hop

Hip-hop dance includes a variety of street dance styles generally performed to hip-hop music. If you feel like getting your groove on, hip hop is the style for you. We recommend you wear loose fitting clothing and sneakers.


A high energy class where you will experience a variety of jazz dance styles! In this class we dance to a wide range of music including Pop, RnB, Hip-Hop, Broadway and Old School tracks. Although jazz has its own traditional technique, it has various influences including funk, contemporary and theatre, and is often fused with other styles such as hip hop, burlesque and commercial. Come and and learn how to kick, turn and jump while finding your own groove, and work on fitness at the same time!

Taking inspiration from contemporary and jazz dance styles, lyrical dance interprets the lyrics of a song. Come let out your emotions as you feel your way through favourite tracks.
Musical Theatre
A dance class dedicated to Broadway style jazz dancing and working on your stage presence. Picture yourself the star of a musical. If you love a bit of the limelight, then come take centre stage in this class.

A class where you can dance AND make music with your feet! In tap we dance to many different styles of music, but also add our own sounds by tip tapping with hard soled (tap) shoes.

Tap Foundations

In this class, you will be introduced to basic tap technique, rhythm and sound to get you ready for a beginner class. We recognise you may not have access to proper tap shoes, so any sneakers or hard, enclosed shoes are fine.

This class is run in four week blocks. Although you are welcome to join at any time, we recommend completing the full four weeks.

The next course commences Wednesday 13th April.

Pilates for dance

The Pilates method works to develop muscle tone and improve alignment throughout your body, making it an effective complementary workout for dancers. Pilates movements can transform the way your body feels and moves, correct weaknesses, make you more resistant to injury, and improve core strength and posture.