COVID-19 Safety Policy

Physical and Social Distancing

Class numbers are limited to 20 students.

Students encouraged to arrive within 5 minutes of their class starting to reduce crossover with anyone using the space beforehand.

Chairs in the waiting space have been spaced out to allow 1.5m distancing.

Students should wait outside the studio until there is space to enter.


Sanitizer and hand soap is provided, and students asked to wash or sanitize their hands before entering the studio. Hand basins will always have hand soap and fresh paper towels.

Disinfectant wipes will be provided for teachers to wipe down stations before/after teaching a class. Wipes will also be provided to wipe ballet barres.

Where possible, floor work will be done using yoga mats, which will be cleaned after use. Students are encouraged to bring their own.

Students are advised not to attend if they are unwell or show any symptoms. Teachers are encouraged to record videos of choreography to discourage non-compliance.

Teachers similarly must not attend if they have any symptoms. Relief will be found, or class will be cancelled.

Staff training and education

Staff have been provided with written and verbal information regarding these procedures.

Response planning

All staff must maintain a record of who attends class by filling out the MindBody roll. This is already existing practice but will be strictly enforced.

The studio is also registered under the ACT Covid-19 app, so studio attendees who are not captured using MindBody can register.

All student records are maintained through MindBody, and students are asked to ensure these are up to date.

If an exposure or suspected exposure occurs, all relevant parties will be notified, along with the venue and ACT Government. Classes will be suspended or continued online until necessary cleaning is done and Government advice is sought.

Under ACT Government guidelines it is mandatory for all students attending classes to sign in with the CBR app.

There will be sign in sheets to scan in all studio spaces.