Pre-Pointe / Pointe Policy

At 6th Position, participation in our Pointe classes is subject to a successful physio assessment outcome.

There is no age limit to dancing en pointe, however, sound ballet technique, consistency and strength is very important. Your safety is our number one priority, and without appropriate training it can be damaging to your feet, ankles and knees.

Pointe assessments are held once per term, and information will be released in the Studio News as well as on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Dancers can also arrange a private assessment by contacting

Prior to attending a pointe assessment, we recommend joining the Classical Conditioning class. This is an enrolment class that teaches you various techniques for strengthening and articulating your feet and ankles, as well as working on your alignment. It is designed to help you train for dancing en pointe.

The Classical Conditioning class is open to dancers at an Advanced-Beginner level or above.

Pointe FAQs

How long will I need to do Classical Conditioning before I’m ready for Pointe?

The amount of time will vary greatly depending on your individual strength, experience and any past injuries. For some dancers with a lot of experience, it may only take a few months, however for others it may take a few years.

Your safety is most important and moving onto pointe too quickly can be dangerous. We recommend focussing on how you can improve your own strength and technique rather than comparing yourself against anyone else.

I’ve been dancing en pointe elsewhere, do I need to undertake a physio assessment?

6th Position reserves the right to advise discretion regarding the physio assessment for dancers who have been dancing en pointe elsewhere. Please email with information regarding your experience, including any exams or assessments you have previously undertaken.

Please note that if accepted into the class, there will be a trial period and you may be asked to attend an assessment if the teacher has concerns for your safety.

Do I need to do other classes at 6th Position to join the pointe class?

Most pointe dancers will be required to take the Classical Conditioning class each week.

Additionally, we recommend taking at least two ballet classes per week to maintain your strength and technique.