When are your classes?

We offer evening and weekend classes that run all year round. You can view our upcoming class schedule on the sign up page (also available via the MindBody app).

Where are classes held?

We are located on Level 1, 83 Petrie Plaza and 54 Northbourne Avenue in the Canberra City . More information about the studio can be found here.

Do you cater for people who have never danced before?

Absolutely! Our Dance Foundations and Tap Foundations classes cater specifically to those who have never danced before. The intent is to provide a safe space for absolute beginners to meet other absolute beginners and learn together. You can find more information on our Class Descriptions and Class Levels page.

Can I watch a class?

No. For the safety, security and comfort of all students, you must participate to attend a class.

Do you offer a trial?

Yes. We offer an UNLIMITED Trial Pass for first-time visitors that gives you UNLIMITED access to ALL our drop-in classes for three weeks for only $59

How much does a class cost after my trial? How do I pay?

Our class costs and payment policies can be found on our Pricing page.

Please note, we are a cashless studio and payment is generally made by Visa or Mastercard only.

How do I register and sign up for class?

Online - we are a paperless studio! You can register and sign up for class via our sign up page, MindBody online store or the MindBody app.

Please see our Studio Policies for full details on registering and signing up.

How long do classes go for?

Class duration ranges from 60 to 90 minutes. In general, beginner level classes are shorter to help you build up your stamina as you learn to dance.

Can I attend casually?

Yes. Most of our classes are casual and drop-in; this means you can attend class as often (or as little) as you like, whenever you are able.

However, if you have dance goals you would like to meet or are serious about improving your art, then regular (as possible) attendance is encouraged for best results.

We also offer a number of enrolment classes for those looking for even more results. Email 6thposition.studio@gmail.com for more information.

During the second half of the year, many of our classes will be closed for concert enrolments only.

But if most classes are casual and drop-in, how do I measure my progress?

As the good old saying goes: consistence persistence. If you regularly attend class on a weekly basis for an extended period of time, you will enjoy more improvement and progress than someone who has attended irregularly, or not at all.

For those who prefer a structured way of learning, with pre-set goals, we offer a series of enrolment classes throughout the year that may meet your needs. Enrolment classes are identified by 'enrolment only' when you sign up.

How many people can attend a class?

Our class sizes are strictly capped at 20 people per class.

Should I book my place in class beforehand?

Yes. By booking ahead, you are are securing your spot in class. It is especially a good idea idea for some of our classes that can book out one to two weeks in advance!

We require a minimum of three people for a class to run, and class bookings indicate to us whether a class is able to go ahead.

Booking ahead also gives you the added benefit of receiving email notification about class changes. If a class is cancelled, you'll get an email and save yourself a trip to the studio!

I've reserved a spot in class, but now I can't attend. Can I cancel or reschedule my booking?

Yes. Please see our Cancellation / No Show policy for more information.

The class I want to attend is 'Waitlist Only'. What does this mean?

If a class is 'Waitlist Only', it means the class is fully booked. However, you can put your name down on the wait list by clicking on the 'Sign Up' button.

Our system requires your account to have a current Studio Pass in order to be put on a wait list. This allows our system to automatically deduct a class from your account if you are moved from the wait list onto the class list.

When someone on the class list cancels their booking, our system automatically moves the next person from the wait list onto the class list. You will then receive an email notification to let you know you are on the class list.

What if it doesn't say 'Waitlist Only' and there is no 'Sign Up' button?

Unfortunately, this means the class and/or wait list is full.

Should I arrive early?

Yes, by arriving 10-15 minutes early, you will help your teacher start the class on time.

What are the public transport and parking options?

You'll find this information, and more, on our Studio page.

What clothes and shoes should I wear?

Choose comfortable clothing that allows you to move easily. Socks or bare feet are generally suitable for most classes; for tap, we recommend shoes with a leather or vinyl sole.

If you decide to invest in a pair of dance shoes, our footwear guide below may help you:

  • Dance Foundations - ballet flats or jazz shoes
  • Ballet - ballet flats or jazz shoes
  • Jazz - jazz shoes, jazz boots or ballet flats
  • Lyrical - ballet flats, jazz shoes or foot thongs
  • Tap - tap shoes, or shoes with a hard sole
  • Yoga / Pilates - bare feet or socks.
  • Hip hop - sneakers
Where can I buy dancewear and dance shoes?

All registered 6P students receive 10% off dancewear any time you shop at Bloch Canberra - simply tell the staff where you dance!*

* In store only.

What else should I bring to class?

Water. Definitely bring water. And if you wish, a hand towel and deodorant.

Can I get changed at the studio?

Yes - we have toilets on site.

Do you only cater to adults?

Yes. We focus on giving adults some quality time out from the daily grind and classes are generally suitable for participants aged 16 years and older.

Leave your baggage at the door; you can pick it up on the way out.

What else do I need to know before attending a class?

Please make sure you have read and understood our Terms & Conditions and Studio Policies prior to registering and signing up for class.

How do I get in touch with 6th Position?

Our contact details are on our Contact page. You can also subscribe to our Studio News and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for all our latest updates and developments!